JMJ Phillip Manufacturing Jobs Report

JMJ Phillip Executive Search produces the manufacturing jobs report that is macro updated every quarter with micro updates ever month.

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The manufacturing jobs report will cover local and national economic happenings along with hiring trends the manufacturing executive search firm measures. With different trends in hiring across a broad range of sectors, this report will hopefully provide some insights into your decision making process.

Resume Trends 2013

Hot resume trends appear all over the Internet every year and Employment BOOST is delivering a short report on the current Resume Trends of 2013. Using social media like LinkedIn and Twitter are great tools for the job search, but they cannot replace classic resumes. A well written resume is still key for job searching and interviewing.

To read the full article visit Resume Trends 2013.

Chamber of Commerce Public Workshop

Employment BOOST will be presenting a resume writing workshop on Monday June, 17th at 11:30am. The workshop is titled ‘Game Changers’ and will also include interviewing tips. Please see the following link for participation and location information:

Join us in Supporting the Angiosarcoma 5K

JMJ Phillip Executive Search Firm will be sponsoring Ryan Humphrey in the Angiosarcoma Awareness (ASA) 5K Race. We encourage all of our clients, candidates, and affiliated companies to join the event and get involved this Saturday May, 4th 2013. There are opportunities to sponsor a participant or provide a donation. The ASA is a nonprofit charity seeking to raise funds for maintaining a research laboratory that is currently running two promising clinical trials. Our sponsored participant was raised in Troy, MI and is a true aspiration to all those facing a similar challenge. “Ryan, who graduated in 2000 and now lives in Grand Ledge, has Angiosarcoma, a rare, aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma that can arise in any anatomic location. They account for less than 1 percent of soft tissue sarcomas, which in turn account for 1 percent of adult solid malignancies, according to Angiosarcoma Awareness,” ( states Megan Semeraz in her recent Oakland Press release. “The purpose of this race/walk is to raise awareness and money to fund Angiosarcoma research. In the hope of making a larger impact across the nation, we have decided to have the Troy Angiosarcoma Awareness 5k Road Race and Walk held on the same day and time as the 3rd annual Road Race in Oxford, MA,” explains the SAS website. “Please visit to learn about this rare disease, those affected by it, our research lab and how you can help.” To register or donate please visit See you Saturday! About JMJ Phillip: Located in Troy, MI, JMJ Phillip is one of the nation’s leading executive recruiting firms specializing in the placement of manufacturing, supply chain and information technology professionals. For more than a decade JMJ Phillip has helped organizations grow and prosper by identifying and helping them retain exceptional leadership talent. To learn more about the company and its services, please visit

What to Make of LinkedIn’s Mad Skills

Do endorsements on LinkedIn help? If so, which skills should you highlight? Read more from our Vice President below:


“Indeed, some HR pros say these endorsements aren’t so useful. What your friends say about you is about as reliable as what you say about yourself, says James Thompson, executive vice president of JMJ Phillip Holdings, a human resources consulting firm. That is, not much. “Job seekers plaster buzzwords all on the top of the resume, only to find in the interview that they really were a master of none of them,” he says. (“Creative” remains LinkedIn’s most overused buzzword.)”

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Top Five Career Search Tips

How To Troubleshoot Your Career Search- Top Five Tips

As you can imagine, being in the resume writing and career business we are often personally targeted by every family member and friend around us that is seeking a new job.  As we forward this information to our own friends and family, we wanted to share this list of the Top 5 Things we have seen go wrong with our customer and fan job searches.


  1. You “spray and pray” your resume all over the internet and get irritated when no one calls you back. First, take a step back and ask yourself “Do I really qualify for this position, or is it just something I would like to do?” We find most people apply for positions they are not properly qualified for, which results in no calls back. This is fine if you are looking to change careers, as you should not give up on your desire to make a change. Otherwise, focus on positions and companies that would see great value in your experience. Use free resources like Reference USA from your local library to do a deep search on companies that are competitors of those you worked for in the past. Then submit your resume to them. Companies see value in having knowledge of their competitors, and everyone loves someone that can hit the ground running.
  2. Attention to detail gets respect, sloppy work goes in the trash can. Every day in our Executive Recruiting office we receive resumes with cover letters addressed to another company. If you are too lazy to modify a line of text, no one is going to take you seriously, especially for retained executive searches. This happens far more often than it should, particularly for those that have several degrees and high level job titles.
  3. Winded resumes are out, like all the other fads that came and went with the 90’s. In the days since Twitter has forced everyone to “get to the point” with 140 characters, no one has time for a 3-5 page resume. Having a visually clean, to-the-point resume that displays what you accomplished is extremely effective. Having a short, concise resume also demonstrates you are an effective communicator. Who likes the person that never shuts up?
  4. If you have had 4-5 interviews with positions your experience and background is an ideal fit for and you are not making it to the final rounds \ getting an offer you need, have an out of body experience and think about what is going wrong. Companies are not likely to tell you why; recruiters may or may not tell you, but if you are working with a recruiter ask them. Be honest and say “I am having difficulty getting past the interview stage with companies. What did your client not like about me? I would really appreciate the feedback to help guide my career search.” If that does not work it is time to ask someone to act like a hiring manager and have them interview you aggressively as a way to troubleshoot your interviewing skills.
  5. With the new world and technology people have forgotten how important a hand written note or even a thank you email can be. What candidates often miss is that many hiring managers are skeptical about hiring anyone, and after each interview there is also doubt lingering even for the best candidates. Our executive recruiters have witnessed thank you letters give the hiring manager reason to bring someone back in. Taking the time to send a thank you note shows you value processes, you are detailed oriented, and also likely a nice individual that they will enjoy working with because you value etiquette in a time when many do not.

Doubling Toys for Tots Donations in 2012, a National Executive Search Firm Pioneers the Drive for Corporate Charity During Times of Economic Uncertainty

JMJ Phillip, a top Executive Search Firm, believes with success comes greater community responsibility as they continue to champion and support their annual Toys for Tots program, giving less fortunate children some holiday cheer. (PRWEB) November 13, 2012 JMJ Phillip, a Michigan based Executive Search Firm, is inspiring companies to participate in the Toys for Tots charity this Christmas 2012. To promote the giving spirit this holiday season, JMJ Phillip has offered to match any toy donation a business sends into their firm with an equivalent gift. Not only does this encourage companies to help the Toys for Tots program, but it offers the incentive of a combined effort to help kids in need with donations up to $2500 in toys.

“As in previous years, the Toys for Tots program has been one that keeps gaining momentum with each year we participate and collect donations. It is great to see the ongoing support from our company clients and candidates we’ve worked with and look forward to 2012 being our biggest year of contributions yet,” said James Thompson, Vice President of Business Development.

Toys will be collected until 5pm on December 8th. JMJ Phillip offers drop boxes placed at customer businesses as a means of collection. Arrangements may be made for gift pickups in the Metro Detroit Area by contacting JMJ Phillip at

A third way to contribute is by posting a picture of a new toy ready to be donated on the JMJ Phillip Facebook page and it will be matched with an equal gift. Toys for Tots requires all toys to be new, unwrapped, and in the original package. There is no set age for the toys and all gifts are welcome, but there is usually a higher demand for the older children.

Marc Callert, a Manufacturing and Supply Chain Executive Recruiter states “Toys for Tots is a fantastic charity to participate in this time of year and especially in today’s economy. The program directly helps bring the community together and raises the spirits of kids who may not be going through the best of times. As an executive recruiter, I am speaking with individuals in all types of situations and it has been my experience that programs like this bring out the compassion and willingness to give in everyone no matter how big or small the donation may be.”

About JMJ Phillip:

Located in Troy, MI, JMJ Phillip is one of the nation’s leading executive recruiting firms specializing in the placement of manufacturing, supply chain and information technology professionals. For more than a decade JMJ Phillip has helped organizations grow and prosper by identifying and helping them retain exceptional leadership talent. To learn more about the company and its services, please visit

James Thompson

JMJ Phillip



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Organizational Ambidexterity in Competitive Markets

As we continue to grow at a rapid pace across many brands, we are always looking for new ways to be innovative even though we get lumped into a sector where innovation is stagnant: Professional Services and Management Consulting.  However,  we have found, even for our executive search firm, that we are able to push the limits, adapt to the new employment markets and really learn the causality of business prosperity or failure from a workforce perspective.

Over the years we have pushed an Organizational Ambidexterity Model and strategy across all of our companies as we knew one thing for sure, we didn’t want to be the company that failed to adapt to the rapidly changing world.  Our culture instills an intrinsic motivation and passion to learn and innovate and every day we have new extrinsic motivators reminding us not to become a dinosaur. You cannot turn on Bloomberg or CNBC and not hear about Best Buy struggles to re-strategize their business plan and somehow it seemed like Facebook went from being the cutting edge Pre-IPO to becoming a turnaround situation within 24 hours of the shares hitting the market. Everywhere around us it seems that “nothing can be done the old way anymore.”

The one consistent fatal mistake we see over and over again from a business and workforce viewpoint, is waiting too long to take action and even if they try, they didn’t come strong enough. With time you can fix many things, but we all know most difficult problems within any reasonably sized organization often takes a lot of time and money. Best Buy as an example simply waited too long and did not make the strong moves they needed to. An Organizational Ambidextrous company would have never let their online presence stay the way Best Buy did and this is coming from a customer who was thinking, “hey I want to spend money here, get it together already!”

Developing Organizational Ambidexterity is about as easy as instituting change, which as we know in the corporate world isn’t the easiest thing to do. How do you get your people to stay planted and continue doing your core business the way it needs to be done and what your customers expect, while driving innovation to do business the new way?  Not everyone is clairvoyant , we all wish we could simply make  our workforce read Steve Jobs’ biography so they can become visionaries too but it just isn’t that easy.

Here are some of the actions we took across all of the JMJ Phillip Companies:

One positive thing came out of Enron and that was the slogan, “Ask Why”.  Having your workforce challenge the way you do things can have a lot of positive outcomes. If they cannot provide a better way to do business then you keep it the same until someone does.

  • Failure is a strategy.  If you are not trying new ideas and failing, then you simply are not pushing the limits. We cannot recall many companies that played it safe for 50 years who are still market leaders today.
  • Create a pitch day that you do two to four times a year. Lay down the gauntlet to your workers and challenge them to come up with a new business plan, new division, new product, new service or whatever it may be that correlates to your business. Set it up like a venture capital pitch day and have each employee with a well thought out and vetted idea pitch the rest of the company. This will encourage others to step up and will also spark ideas within the group since great ideas often stem from another idea.

With all of our companies being boutique and often bidding against large multiple, hundred million dollar firms we are always asked from the executives and board hiring committee: Why JMJ Phillip over your much larger competitors?

The shortest answer is our Organizational Ambidextrous culture, but that does not sound so amazing when trying to sell your company in a boardroom full of people.

The long answer is that we are a group of small companies and push every single day to understand the workforce changes we are experiencing culturally and through technology. We work hard to understand the ever evolving business models of tomorrow and strive to push things to the limit when partnering with our customers to develop a workforce to make them become the market leader.

We never will be, nor do we want to be the large, 50 year old company that has been “doing things this way for years”. Every day we move forward, continue to be quick on our feet and not only keep up with the changes, but set some trends ourselves.

We believe every company is going to have to follow this model to be competitive in the future. We are proud to say we have been doing it for years.

Recruiting and Executive Search Fee’s Explained Part 1

Since we offer Contingent Recruiting , Contingent Executive Recruiting and Retained Executive Search the topic comes up a dozen times a week about our fee’s. Our current and prospective clients vary on what they need when taking their budget into consideration. We are often faced with “we have 4 other recruiters working on this at a  20% fee non-exclusive” and our question is, why isn’t it closed then?

This brings up conversations of just because you have someone working on it, for whatever the fee is, it doesn’t mean you have their best or worst recruiter as most recruiting firms  will simply tell you what you want to hear. Knowing this we wanted to be transparent and break down what each fee \ contract type gets you at most firms in North America.

One thing cannot be forgotten when selecting a recruiting firm, this is an incentive driven business. Without the incentives people don’t work very hard ESPECIALLY on difficult positions, low incentive only works for the low hanging fruit.. Recruiters and Executive Search Consultants always work on the highest paying projects that have the best chance of closing – the math is that simple and we will talk more about candidate quality and levels of service in part 2.

 Retained Executive Search 25-35% Fee

  • ·         You get the A Team and \ or Firm owners working on your executive search
  • ·         Executive Search Consultants are usually only working on 1-2 Searches at a time
  • ·         Discreetness is usually a factor \ need


Retained Non-Executive \ Contingent with Exclusive 25-30% Fee

  • ·         You get the A Team \ Senior and Well-Connected Recruiters
  • ·         Executive Recruiters are usually working on 3-5 Searches at once
  • ·         Discreetness is not usually a factor


Contingent No Exclusive 25-35% Fee

  • ·         You get the A \ B Team Recruiters
  • ·         Executive Recruiters are working on 5-10 Searches at once


Contingent No Exclusive Less than 25% Fee

  • ·         You get the junior recruiting team \ recent college grad
  • ·         Recruiters are working on 10-15 Searches at once


Rates vary for long standing customers, high volume customers and relationships, the above is best used when doing business with a recruiter for the first time.

 Here is the thing, shopping on price can be very costly to your company. Our industry is pretty standard and has not changed much in the last 30 years. Just because someone says they will work at whatever rate \ term doesn’t mean they give you the same recruiters, priority or level of service as you would by signing up for a higher level service.

Now you may not need a higher level service, have a budget to work with or do not need the top 1% recruiter, and other times you do and we will discuss this in part 2.

 In the second part we will discuss scenarios of when and how to select certain companies, rates and contracts.

JMJ Phillip to be Featured in Workforce Magazines Publication at the 2011 SHRM Conference

JMJ Phillip will be featured in Workforce Magazines handout at the 2011 SHRM Conference so make sure you have a copy in your bag!

Several of our recruiters will be in attendance from several of our divisions so if you see someone make sure to point out you read this article, we would love to hear back from all of you.