Employment BOOST

Employment BOOST is an top professional resume writing service that utilizes the unique advantage of having executive recruiters and executive search consultants as advisors for key insight to current job market trends and experience.

Using a multi-step process including a professional resume writer, content advising from an executive recruiter and final copy editing, we are able to produce a unique and highly effective resume. In the last 10 years the employment landscape has changed and where you once applied for a job in person, candidates now find themselves pushed to an online portal to fill out applications and submit their resumes. This removes the human element from the job search which makes a resume even more important as your information is compiled with hundreds of other resumes which ultimately are screened by someone other than a hiring manager.

Employment BOOST focuses not only on accomplishments but also strives to use key word matching and indexing against current trends not only so you can get by a screener but to also increase your chances of better indexing with application tracking systems. We use the same industry tricks and techniques many successful executive recruiters use to get their candidates noticed and interviewed, these same items can greatly increase your chances getting interviews as well.

In the next 10 years how you play the game and leverage technology is going to be as important as the credentials on your resume. If you’re ready to take a step forward in this new emerging employment market visit our site at www.employmentboost.com

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