Startup Recruiters

Startup Recruiters is a business unit of JMJ Phillip Holdings that specializes in Startup Recruiting for Early Stage Companies across North America. With a deep understanding of the Venture Capital world and having a venture capitalist on our executive team, we have the ability to understand your growth plans, burn rate issues during the seed stage, along with how to aggressively attack your workforce issues.

If you priced out top recruiting firms, you know they are expensive and the last thing you want to do is spend your liquid gold on a recruiting firm while you’re worried about making payroll until the next funding round is completed.

Maybe your constantly over-subscribed and cash isn’t an issue, but for most it is and that is when you should decide to partner with Startup Recruiters. We work for equity, delivering the same results that are expected from any JMJ Phillip Company, without the need to burn through more cash.

Your idea is likely solid, you’re likely incandescently brilliant and probably have some funding already. Whether or not you make it is going to be decided by who is on your team, as they are the problem solvers, the innovators or the sales force that is going to grow at the rapid pace your investors expect.

Positions we recruit for:

  • Board Members
  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Software Engineers
  • Engineering \ Technical
  • Scientists

Anyone that is going to have an impact on your business succeeding, Startup Recruiters can and will find them.